Our history

Normeditec is a company based in Italy and Germany, which has been working in the medical device field for public and private healthcare facilities in the entire national territory for over 15 years.

Founded in 2006 with the aim of supporting the work of healthcare professionals through air sanitization, disinfection and cleaning devices for operating rooms, outpatient settings and clinics, Normeditec business has evolved and extended over time, by brining alternative products and targeted therapeutic solutions designed to improve the patients life and the doctors work on the market.

Our mission

Our main goal is reducing surgical site infections in operating rooms, outpatient settings and operating environments with the aim to completely eliminate them. We are fully focused on any speciality and any kind of public/private, hospital/outpatient setting, by always offering the best solutions to our customers.


Surface disinfection and air sanitization

In a world where preventing intra-operative infections and sanitizing medical environments has become more and more important over the years, our air sanitization devices – along with disinfecting product lines for all kinds of surfaces – are constantly expanding, and this helps us grow in our reference market.


Our services and team

With its young, qualified and passionate team, Normeditec is committed to providing a service that can support all healthcare operators in their day-to-day activities, in a professional, competent and considerate manner. We are present at all major national conventions and events, with the goal of supporting the medical training and our staff.


Anything that comes into contact with the wound, must be sterile, except for the air, which is in contact with everything.

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