Operating Room Upgrades

The operio mobile laminar air flow system makes it possible to upgrade existing operating theatres overnight without disturbing the surgery plan

The modernization of existing operating theatre to upgrade surgical rooms for more aseptic conditions is becoming more important. Many existing operating rooms do not comply anymore with State-of-the-Art Operating Rooms for the implementation of implants which need high aseptic conditions to avoit hospital acquired infections and prothestic implant infections. The operating room (OR) is the most important department for generating profit, but it is also the most crucial department for developping hospital infections. Surgical site infections (SSI) account for 14% to 17% of all hospital-acquired infections and 38% of nosocomial infections in surgical patients. SSI remain a substantial cause of morbidity and death, possibly because of the larger numbers of elderly surgical patients or those with a variety of chronic and immunocompromising conditions, and emergence of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms. The rate of surgical wound infections is strongly influenced by operating theatre quality, too. A safe and salubrious operating theatre is an environment in which all sources of pollution and any micro-environmental alterations are kept strictly under control.
Operio creates an environment of ultra-clean air that prevents bacteria-carrying particles in the operating room to prevent the contaminating both the surgical site and the sterile instruments. Operio focused laminar flow creates a strictly aseptic space, by removing 99.9% of airborne bacteria and micro-organisms, including Coronavirus Covid-19.

Operio: cost-effective and easy to install.

Operio can be used to transform an existing operating room ISO 7  into a state of the art operating room ISO 5  at a very low cost.

Operio sterile air flow is equipped with a HEPA14 filter, which reduces the bacterial count on the surgical site and/or instrument table up to 95%, regardless from the surgery duration or quantity of people present in the operating theatre.

The horizontal flow means that the sterility of the operating area and instruments is not obstructed by the operating lights or surgical team. This results in the greatest possible elimination of turbulence and bacteria contamination. This operating principle achieves up to 95% more “sterility” for the operating area and instruments than conventional air supply via ceilings (see studies). Operations with implants require the greatest possible degree of asepsis, in that the consequences of an infection are serious and often very cost-intensive. The mobility of the Operio units and their affordable price also make it possible to upgrade existing operating and minor procedures rooms quickly and cost-effectively. In the outpatient area, implant surgery, plastic surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, hand surgery and many other operations and minor procedures can be performed under highly aseptic conditions – conditions that were previously only possible in a very expensive operating theatre.

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