IVF – In Vitro Fertilization

The requirements for designing and building environments for MAP, IVF and IVF are stringent.
Operio creates high aseptic conditions everywhere and complies with the ISO 5 standard for
the critical area - the operating field and instruments - both in the operating room and in an outpatient setting.

GMP guidelines

 Where tissues or cells are exposed to the environment (...) an air quality of Grade A ( ISO 5), as defined in the current European
Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice, is required. The background must be demonstrated to guarantee the maintenance of Grade A
 in the tissue/cell manipulation while in use and unmanned”
Operio laminar air flow produces an area up to 100 times more sterile than a traditional ISO 7 class operating room.
Operio Sterile laminar flow allows to carry out the oocyte retrieval and all the operations of medically assisted procreation (MAP)
and related procedures in an absolutely sterile environment.

The Operio mobile unit draws in the air from the environment where it is positioned and purifies it through a Hepa14 filter system,
eliminating 99.995% of bacteria and microorganisms (including the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus).


Operio maintains the ambient air temperature
Operio does not heat or cool. It produces a laminar flow of ultra-clean air at room temperature.
Egg retrieval is one of the most critical points during MAP, as it requires high sterility in order
to increase the probability of success of medically assisted fertilization. Contamination with bacteria
or other microorganisms at this stage can reduce the likelihood of successful fertilization.

The primary goal of any MAP specialized center is to increase the success of MAP and IVF techniques.

Each stage can be the key to increasing the pregnancy rate.