Operating room ventilation with mobile  laminar air flow

Operio creates the necessary hygienic conditions to carry out operations and interventions (e.g. hand surgery, plastic surgery, eye surgery, intravitreal injections, orthopedic surgery,  implants, etc.) in  existing  or new operating theaters and intervention rooms with clean room conditions.

Operio mobile laminar air flow system can be easily wheeled and quickly set up, turning any room into an cleanroom with sterile conditions like an ultramodern operating theatre. Operio is an ISO 5 class device; it means that it guarantees the limit of 3,520 uncontrolled particles in one m3 of air reducing the number of microorganisms in it (bacteria, fungi, and viruses) and preventing the sedimentation of microorganisms inside the wounds. This is possible because the laminar flow sweeps over the surgical area and instrument area with clean air without turbulence. In this way, it generates a sterile air for the operating field and instruments . The sterile air flow is directly directed to the instruments and the surgical field without any obstacles such as the surgical microscope or the surgical team and hence creates an extreme high level of asepsis which was so far hardly obtainable!

Operio enables operations, eye surgery, ambulatory surgery  invasive interventions with extreme aseptic conditions, even in rooms that currently do not have an appropriate  sterile air conditioning system.

Operio enables the outsourcing of smaller operations and interventions from the operating room (hand surgery, intravitreal injections, etc.) to the outpatient area with clean room conditions. This increases efficiency and maximizes utilization in the actual OR.

Every existing  or old operating room can be upgraded with cleanroom conditions to an affordable price. This makes it possible to carry out also ambulatory surgery and eye surgery with Cleanroom conditions.

Mobile laminar airflow devices have been around for over 15 years with over 1000 installations in university clinics, hospitals, clinics, outpatient surgical centers, ophthalmologists, resident physicians, dental implant centers, etc.  We now have many hygiene studies and reports that we will send you on request.