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Operating Room Ventilation Systems for cataract surgery and intravitreal injections

2 October 2023
Cataract surgery and intravitreal injections with mobile laminar air flow device. Cataract surgery can be done outside an operating room using the a mobile laminar air flow device operio (LAF) .

Outpatient cataract surgery on 1.269 patients using Mobile Laminar Flow.

22 November 2022
Operio Mobile creates a laminar flow of sterile air and maintains the asepticity of instruments and the operating field everywhere, even in an outpatient setting and without time limits.

The preparation of the anti Covid19 vaccine with aseptic technique using TOUL Operio

17 February 2021
TOUL Operio mobile laminar flow allows the preparation of the vaccine against Covid19 with an aseptic technique thanks to an air filtration system using Hepa H14 filters.