The preparation of the anti Covid19 vaccine with oseptic technique using TOUL Operio

TOUL Operio mobile laminar flow allows the preparation of the vaccine against Covid19 with an aseptic technique thanks to an air filtration system using Hepa H14 filters.

The TOUL Operio sterile laminar flow hood can be used to prepare (dilute and fractionate) the Covid-19 vaccine and single-dose syringes under aseptic conditions as required by AIFA’s correct handling instructions.

Create a highly aseptic area in any environment with TOUL Operio.

TOUL focused laminar flow eliminates 99.995% of airborne bacteria and microorganisms (including the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus) and creates a highly aseptic area in seconds, in any environment and without time limits. The AIFA instructions for the preparation of the vaccine require an aseptic technique that cannot always be implemented quickly and in all hospitals. TOUL sterile laminar flow hood satisfies this need in a few seconds and with very limited costs.

The advantages of TOUL compared to any sterile laminar flow hood.

Unlike the sterile hood, TOUL can be installed in a few minutes and for operation it only needs a common socket: no plant engineering work is necessary to make it operational. In addition, its small size and rubber wheels allow it to be moved quickly if necessary.

TOUL generates an ultra-clean horizontal air flow that differs from a standard sterile hood in its direction (vertical in the sterile hood, horizontal for TOUL – Focused laminar flow).