Operio Clinic

Low cost mobile laminar air flow unit for operating rooms and ambulatory  rooms

Many people in the general public think of ORs as ultra clean, even sterile, environments. For anyone working in ORs, it is clear that this view is far from the truth. Although modern ORs have strict measures to reduce contamination, the OR environment becomes contaminated with every person entering the operating room. The more people are present in an operating room the higher is the contamination with pathogens that cause infections including SSIs. Especially implant surgery and eye surgery need a very aseptic environment as already a few pathogens can cause infections which are devastating and very expensive to treat.

Operio CLINIC can be used to improve the level of asepsis during operation in an operating theater. The various levels of purification of clean air can be used to adapt the degree of the desired asepsis in accordance with the kind of operation. It is easy to install and can be transported between operating rooms.

Operio works with highly cleaning Hepa H 14 filters which completely (99.9%) purify  the air in the operating room  and ambulatory room from bacteria and other microorganisms (also Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2).

Dimensions 11 x 47 x 97 cm
Weight 15 Kg
Ultra clean air purification per hour Speed 1: 200 m3/h

Speed 2: 300 m3/h

Speed  3: 480 m3/h

Filtro HEPA 14 Filters 99.995% particles

diameter> 0.1 micron

UV Light Manual activation with automatic shutdown at 1 min


Brochure Operio Clinic

Brochure Operio Clinic