Transforming an ISO 7 cleanroom into an ISO 5 cleanroom with TOUL, in just a few seconds.

TOUL focused laminar flow creates a strictly aseptic space, by removing 99.9% of airborne bacteria and micro-organisms, including Coronavirus Covid-19.

In a traditional operating theatre, ceiling vents input the filtered air flow into the environment, by directing it toward the floor.

This ventilation system is not sufficient to ensure the operating room asepsis, since the air flow is diverted or contaminated by “obstacles” such as the surgeon heads, the shadowless lamps or the microscope.

Instruments are almost always prepared outside the sterile area, since the air vents do not cover the entire table, thus causing their loss of sterility a few minutes after being opened and before they are even used. The same goes for the operating field.

Authoritative medical studies show that a very high bacterial count can be found on the surgical and prosthetic instruments used during surgery as early as 60 minutes after its start: for ISO 7 cleanrooms, this count ranges between 63 and 381 colony-forming units (CFU)1. CFU grow along with the exposure time, the number of people present in the operating room and the number of times the doors are opened.

Authoritative studies have shown that over 90% of bacteria in the wound come directly or indirectly from air. 30% of them reaches the wound directly from the air, while 70% comes from surgical instruments2.

TOUL: cost-effective and easy to install.

TOUL can be used to transform an old ISO 7 cleanroom into an ISO 5 cleanroom at a very low cost.

TOUL sterile air flow is equipped with a HEPA14 filter, which reduces the bacterial count on the surgical site and/or instrument table up to 95%, regardless from the surgery duration or quantity of people present in the operating theatre.

The horizontal sterile flow is focused on the area that requires protection and ensures a much higher level of sterility than traditional systems, reaching the instruments and/or operating field without any time restraints and without any obstacles in-between, thus minimizing the presence of bacteria.

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2 The importance of airborne bacterial contamination of wounds. Whyte W, Hodgson R, Tinkler J. PMID: 6181129

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