Outpatient surgery during the pandemic. How to reduce waiting lists.

TOUL horizontal laminar flow creates a highly aseptic area by eliminating 99.9% of airborne bacteria and microorganisms, including the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Instruments and operating field protected from contamination, in seconds.

The device creates a horizontal sterile air flow that acts directly on the surgical site and instruments, reducing the bacterial load on critical areas by up to 95% and eliminating obstacles (the microscope, the operating light or the surgeons’ head) that would otherwise they would divert (or contaminate) the vertical flow created by the ceiling vents that we have available in our operating theaters.

Create a highly aseptic area, everywhere. Even in a simple clinic.

TOUL therefore creates a highly aseptic area without any minimum structural requirements, even in an outpatient setting and without time limits.

The flow rate of the device is 400m3 per hour. This means that, for a standard 25m2 clinic, all the air in the room is filtered every 9 minutes and 6.4 times every hour. As the hours pass, TOUL significantly increases the aseptic condition of the entire clinic and an effective source of elimination of the Coronavirus Covid19 virus is introduced.

No plant engineering work is required for installation.

TOUL can be installed in a few minutes and for operation it only needs a common socket, furthermore its small size and rubber wheels allow it to be moved quickly if necessary.

TOUL Operio allows you to transfer small operations within standard clinics, without any minimum requirements, in conditions of extreme safety for both the doctor and the patient. The system is equipped with two different traceability methods for defensive medicine: adhesive label and barcode stored in the device and can be archived. A solution that has already been adopted by many public and private hospitals throughout the national territory.

Reduce the long waiting lists due to the pandemic.

The introduction of TOUL technology allows a considerable downsizing of waiting lists also due to COVID19, with the advantage of being able to be introduced quickly and with very low costs.

The advantages of outpatient surgery that can be performed thanks to TOUL are logistical, organizational, economic and practical. Let’s list some of them:


  • Cost reduction compared to the operating room
  • Time reduction compared to the operating room
  • Reduction of dedicated staff compared to the operating room
  • Reduction of waiting lists
  • Very high asepticity, compliant with ISO Standard 5
  • Possibility of increasing the number of procedures per session
  • Possibility of exploiting the operating theaters for major and urgent interventions
  • Better bureaucratic patient management
  • Traceability systems for defensive medicine

The TOUL device offers a solution in many areas. Eg:

  • preparation (as dilution and fractionation) of vaccines against Covid19
  • ophthalmology with intravitreal injections and small interventions
  • dermatology with removal in and small interventions
  • general surgery with biopsies, cyst removal etc.
  • the treatment and medication of burn patients
  • plastic surgery with punctures, nose and breast surgery
  • emergency surgery in field hospitals for third world countries or after natural disasters