Instruments preparation: how to reduce idle time.

TOUL is a system that removes 99.9% of bacteria, micro-organisms and viruses, including Covid-19.

Before and during a surgery, instruments are exposed to contamination without any protection: the majority of them loses their asepsis shortly after the surgery has begun.

It is precisely the instruments that transport micro-organisms inside the wound, deeply into the organism, causing infections even after several years. White et Al.1 documented that 70% of germs in surgical wounds are carried mostly by instruments. In case of prosthetic materials, even a very low bacterial count is sufficient to cause an infection and the implant rejection.

A very high bacterial count can be found on the surgical and prosthetic instruments used during surgery as early as 60 minutes after its start. Colony-forming units (CFU) grow along with the exposure time, the number of people present in the operating room and the number of times the doors are opened2.

It is estimated that even a bacterial count as low as 10 CFU is sufficient to cause a deep infection in prosthetic surgery3.

Instruments preparation before the surgery, outside the operating room

TOUL creates sterile conditions in any environment, without any time restraints, and offers the option of preparing the surgical tables before the surgery, in an aseptic environment under the laminar flow. Even better if next to the operating room.

By reducing idle times between procedures, the time required to prepare the instruments is significantly reduced, and the cleanroom productivity increased, along with the number of procedures carried out during the surgical session.


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