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Mobile Laminar Air Flow Operio for operating room

The mobile laminar air flow operio technology provides a horizontal ultraclean laminar airflow which is directed directly over the surgical site and instruments, acting as a barrier and minimizing the presence of bacteria-carrying particles at the wound. An easy to use control system helps the user direct airflow in the most effective way: Ambient air is passed through a HEPA filter and a Laminar Air Flow (LAF) screen. The ultraclean air leaves the screen as a laminar (turbulence-free) flow, pushing contaminated air forwards, away from the risk zone and into the room, to be absorbed by the conventional ventilation system. Sterile, single-use LAF screens guarantee sterile flow.

Operating Room
Every minute, an individual emits thousands of airborne particles carrying bacteria that may contaminate an open surgical wound. Ironically, the use of ultraclean airflow may help to convey airborne particles from the surgical team into the operating field and thereby increase direct airborne contamination of the wound.

Operio is positioned very close to the operating field and therefore it is possible to reduce the contamination level by almost 95 % for the operating field and instrument table because this tecnology is not hindered by the surgical light and the heads of the operating team.

LAF Screen
To ensure the maximum sterility a sterile laminar flow screen is put in front of the unit before the operation starts

Données techniques
 Dimension   575 mm x 435 mm x 650 mm
 Height electrically   1560 mm x 1860 mm
 Filtre   Hepa 99,995 % (H 14)
 Vitesse de l‘air   0,5 m/s; 400m³/h
 Puissance   260 W, 230 V, 50 Hz
 Poids   58 Kg
TOUL bears the CE marking and is a Class I device according to the MDD(Medical Device Directive) 93/42 EEC.

  • saving money by less infections and less hospital stays of patients

  • more safety for patients and hospitalsbr/>

  • quick and easy solution for producing ultraclean air

  • the perfect solution for existing operating rooms

  • cost effective solution also for existing operating rooms

  • immediate use without any construction work

  • reduction of infection

  • keeping instruments sterile even during long operation hours

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