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The sterile instrument table steristay maintains the sterility of the instruments and implants during surgery

A main problem especially in long operations is the contamination of surgical instruments due to human presence and their activity within the operating room. An English Study from Whyte has been estimated that almost 70% of bacteria found in the patient‘s wound s come directly or indirectly from the instruments. There is a clearly relationship between the quality of the air and the degree of sepsis encountered. Under normal circumstances, the main source of airborne microbial contaminants is microscopic skin fragments given off by staff in theatre. In an conventional operating room you can expect about 50 to 200 CFU/m3. This number is rising the more people are in the operating room and the longer the operation last. As few as 10 colony forming units (CFU/m3) are sufficient to cause a deep infection*. Gosden PE, Mac GowanAP Bannister GC J. Hosp Infect 1998;

The sterile surgical instrument table maintains the sterility of the instrument table even during long operations and reduces therefore the risk of an surgical site infection SSI.

In many surgical rooms the instruments are not protected during operations because they are located outside the laminar airflow

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 Dimension   1330 mm x 600 mm
 Height electrically   800 mm– 1200 mm
 Filtre   Hepa 99,995 % (H 14)
 Vitesse de l‘air   0,5 m/s; 400m³/h
 Puissance   260 W, 230 V, 50 Hz
 Poids   57 Kg
Steristay bears the CE marking and is a Class I device according to the MDD(Medical Device Directive) 93/42 EEC.

  • quick and easy solution for producing ultraclean air

  • saving money by less infections and less hospital stays of patients

  • reduction of infection

  • keeping instruments sterile even during long operation hours

  • more safety for patients and hospitals

  • cost effective solution for operating rooms

  • the perfect solution for existing operating rooms

  • immediate use without any construction work

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