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This sterile laminar flow system dramatically reduces the risk of infection
An effective system to avoid infections and to reduce the problems of antibiotic resistance

One of the greatest problems in the operating room is keeping it sterile: surgical instruments themselves are losing their sterility immediately after they are opened. The contamination of surgical instruments increases with the length of the procedure and the number of people present in the operating room. In the case of the elderly, immunosuppression or prosthetic equipment, even a very small bacterial load is enough to cause an infection or rejection of the prosthesis. If the bacterium reaches the inside of the body through contact with the blood, it can transform into a monster causing extremely serious infections in a weak patient. Treatment with antibiotics alone is no longer sufficient to prevent infection effectively, owing to antibiotic resistance. The cost of an infection in the case of cardiac prostheses, implanted electronic devices, orthopaedic prostheses etc. is estimated at 50,000 Euros, taking into account the costs of remedial surgery, treatment, hospital admission, antibiotics, rehabilitation and follow-up.

The focussed mobile laminar air flow system

This sterile laminar flow system dramatically reduces the risk of infection. The system is simple and effective. It comprises an instrument table with a high efficiency filtration system known as Hepa. The air in the operating room is extracted by the mobile laminar flow system and then filtered by a highly efficient system of Hepa filters which remove 99.99% of bacteria and microorganisms from the air. The bacteria which cause infections range in size from 0.2 Microns to 12 Microns. The Toul laminar flow system uses Hepa filters that remove all bacteria and microorganisms of 0.1 Microns and above: the bacterial load in the operating environment and on the instruments is reduced by 95%. The instruments and prosthetic equipment are, therefore, protected and remain sterile throughout the procedure. The patient is less exposed to bacteria even during long procedures and the risk of intraoperative infection is dramatically reduced. In order to meet the requirements of different types of procedure, various models of sterile instrument table are available. The mobile laminar flow system is available as a mobile unit that protects both the instruments and the surgical site, with the option of an integral instrument tray or as a ceiling-mounted unit. Toul Operio Mobile: the ultra-clean air is directed on to the surgical site so as to protect against the risk of bacterial contamination. The mobile laminar flow reaches the surgical site and the instruments directly without encountering obstacles such as scialytic lamps or the surgeons’ heads, reducing the bacterial load on the surgical site and instrument table by 95%.

The instrument table with integral laminar flow system always protects the instruments and prosthetic equipment, irrespective of the length of the procedure or the position of the instruments in the operating room.

The mobile laminar flow unit also complies with the rigorous standards of ISO class 5 which provides for extremely sterile conditions in operating rooms. With the mobile laminar flow unit, the quantity of particles is always below the limits in ISO class 5, even when activity is at its most intense. The barcoded sterile cover ensures maximum sterile conditions and also enables traceability of the system for defensive medicine purposes.
The Toul system provides a flow of ultra-clean air for operating rooms at a fraction of the cost of conventional, ceiling-mounted units, enabling operating rooms to meet the ISO 5 standards. The TOUL mobile unit can be transported and installed in any operating room in only a few minutes without interfering with the existing ventilation system. It is an ideal system for outpatient surgery: cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology, intravitreal injections, etc.
Various studies have confirmed that this technology significantly reduces bacterial contamination in critical areas of the operating room. This has led to a dramatic reduction in the number of operating room-acquired infections after surgery. The surgeon and his team are able to rely on the sterile condition of the instruments and the operating environment even during long procedures. The patient is less exposed to antibiotic resistance, currently a very serious problem.

laminar air flow pendant
Ultraclean air directly to the surgical site
sterile Instrument table
Sterile surgical instrument table
Mobile Laminar Airflow for operating room
Ultraclean air to reduce risk of SSI

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